A Little Motivation Goes A Long Way

I'll be honest, I haven't exactly been motivated lately. I haven't been motivated to get the new place together & in order, and I haven't been motivated to blog or do projects. I've thought about it and I've wanted to, but just haven't had the boost to get there. And we all know thinking about something isn't the same as doing.

Until this past weekend things have been at a stand-still. I read this post that Nester wrote last week and it gave me a little nudge. Saturday we both set to work {thankfully baby E napped more than 15min!} and got some things accomplished. Seth helped greatly and got the downstairs in order. The space is no longer full of half-unpacked boxes!

We still have lots to do, but we're getting there. I just needed that nudge and I feel like I might be on track again. Plus, a new season is quickly approaching {Hello, Fall!} and that always helps me to shift gear.

What are you needing some motivation to get doing?
Hope you've all been enjoying these last days of summer!

Wednesday Randoms

Here's a look at a few random things that I'm liking this week:

This is a nice little tutorial of some different stitches for sewing by hand. 

{find it}

This would be a great place to take a summer nap. No?


I recently stumbled upon Spoonflower & they have some really cute fabric options.

{find it}

Such a cute idea for a unique window covering. It would look great in a kid's space! 
It reminds me of the mobile I made for baby girl's room. 

{find it}

Just a few things I'm liking this week! Want to see what else I'm liking lately? You can follow me on Pinterest

Around The House: Mason Jars

We all have a few mason jars floating around the house. 
Here are a few of my favourite ways to put this versatile kitchen jar to use:

1. Mason jars work great as a vase. In fact, I love the casual contrast of the mason jar with pretty flowers.

2. They're great for corralling things like straws.

3. Storage in the bathroom. I like to use a smaller mason jar to hold q-tips.

4. Mason jars are also great to hold any fresh herbs you may have on hand. 

We also, from time to time, use mason jars for drinking glasses and for the obvious food storage {preferably, homemade jam!}. How do you like to use mason jars around your house?

*All photos are my own*

Nursery Progress

I'm excited to say that we're making some progress with baby E's nursery! I'm loving how it's all coming together. It's still a bit of a mess & we're still working away, but it's coming. I snapped a few photos yesterday. So here's a little sneak...

Can't wait to share all the details!