20 May 2016

This & That

For Mother's Day a couple of weekends ago I tried out a new recipe for a blueberry crumble coffee cake. It was so good that I made it again two days later to take to wedding shower. Then we ate the leftovers all week, obviously, with our morning coffee. I'll definitely be tucking the recipe away to make again and again. 

This book sat in my mailbox all last week because my 1 year old misplaced my keys while we were visiting my parents. I finally got my keys back (they were found tucked away in a boot!), and have been reading sections here and there when I have a few minutes. I've already found it to be an encouraging read, just like her blog

We've been able to enjoy a few trips to the park so far this spring. I think we're in for a fun summer! While we don't have a walker on our hands just yet, it looks like she's getting close, and she's already so eager to explore everything. As you can see, the trees are still in the beginning process of getting their leaves, but I just love this photo from the other week. Summer is coming.

One of my favourite stores to pop into is the book store, Chapters Indigo. Besides books, they have home decor, paper products, and a ton of other cute things. I found this cute pillow cover a few weeks ago for a steal at $10. I thought it'd be a great way to add a bit spring/summer to our home. The floral and pop of pink is a bit more girly than I generally go for, but if it's something I tire of in the living room I'm sure it'll find a nice home in our daughter's room. I'll share a peek of what it looks like in our living room next week. 

We're really needing to get the ball rolling in regards to packing up our house. So that's on the agenda for this long weekend. And hopefully a bit of time in the sun. 

Happy Weekending! 

19 May 2016

Easy Lamp Update

I know I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference.

Last week I ran into the hardware store to grab a couple of things and got distracted by the spray paint. I thought I'd just take a quick look to see if anything popped out at me as I've been wanting to spray paint a few things, a lamp being one of them. This "chalked" spray paint ended up coming home with me to give that lamp some new life.

12 May 2016

The Easiest Kitchen Valence

A while back I decided that our kitchen needed a little something. The window over our sink has regular run of the mill blinds and I thought it might be nice to have a roman shade or curtain of some sort. I thought something like that might bring a bit of softness and cozy up the kitchen a bit.

Before fully committing (i.e. buying or sewing anything), I decided to throw a tension rod that I had on hand between the two cabinets over the window. I dug through my fabric stash to see what I could drape over it in order to get a feel of the valence look. I decided to try this navy & white stripe fabric as it fit perfectly and no cutting was needed. I simply folded the piece and hung it in a way that looked finished. I figured I'd live with it for a week or so before I decided if I liked the look.

Well, that was a few months ago and ever since it's just sort of stayed there. I just liked it, so it stayed, and I didn't bother doing anything to the fabric. I realized that you have to look real close to be able to see that the bottom & sides aren't hemmed. And no one is looking that close.

I like that it hides the blinds during the day (when they're pulled up). Plus, it's accomplished what I was hoping it would. It adds a bit of cozy that our kitchen was previously missing. 

Sometimes it's the small, quick fixes that make the biggest difference.

06 May 2016

3 Ways To Top Steel Cut Oats

I haven't always been a breakfast person. It's something that's starting to grow on me. More than likely because our little (obviously) needs breakfast in the morning, and so it's something we do together. Don't get me wrong, I'd go out for a good breakfast any day. But, on a regular ordinary morning, I'm not always the greatest at getting myself something to eat. It's more of an I'll eat when I feel like it/grab whatever, kinda thing. 

All that to say, I'm trying to be intentional about sitting down with our girl to eat in the mornings when the days allow. It's so easy to try and multi-task when I plop her in her highchair in the mornings. Unload the dishwasher, clean up the kitchen, start meal prep for dinner (if I'm thinking that far ahead), etc. So I'm trying to slow down and eat something when she does because, some days, the dishes can wait. 

One thing I'm back to enjoying is steel cut oatmeal. It takes longer to make than instant oatmeal, but one great thing is you can make a larger batch and store the leftovers in the fridge for the next few days. And it doesn't get soggy! 

So here are 3 ways I like to top my steel cut oats:

1. A Sprinkle of brown sugar & fruit (My fruit of choice is frozen blueberries. We always have them on hand. But I'm also a fan of blackberries & raspberries too).

2. Greek yogurt, maple syrup, fruit, and shredded coconut.

3. A glob of natural peanut butter & bananas.

I'm a dash of milk on my oatmeal kinda girl. So I always add milk too.

Those are just a few ways I like to top steel cut oats. Like I said, I try and make a batch once a week and that way a few days of week there isn't the question: what am I going to eat for breakfast? So tell me, how do you like to top steel cut oatmeal?