26 May 2017

Our Favourite Go-To Snacks

We don't have the worst eating habits in our home, but we don't always have great ones. Like, for instance, chocolate. If it's in the house, I want to eat it. I generally have to hide it out of sight because all day, I'll much on it. A little here, a little there...you get what I'm saying. 

So, in an attempt to be a little more accountable, and make wiser choices, I've been trying to plan out our snacks (at least for myself & E since we're home all day - and man alive, toddlers like to eat) along with our weekly meal planning (post is in the works). 

I thought I'd share a list I've compiled of things we try to snack on/have on hand. I find when I have a list of "go-to's" I'm more inclined to pick from those items. I'll sometimes keep the list on my fridge, or just keep it with my meal list, so when I'm planning meals and making my grocery list it's right there and I have something to go off of. Because, I'm not gonna lie, sometimes I draw a blank. Anyone else?

So here's a list of our go-to snacks that we tend to rotate in our house:

- Yogurt with granola or fruit (or both!)
- Fresh fruit
- Smoothies 
- Muffins (These ones are a frequent go-to)
- Energy bites (These & these ones are go-to's)
- Trail mix (I often make my own)
- Pretzels
- Crackers & cheese
- Hummus & veggies 
- Raisins 
- Apple Sauce (In the fall I like to make homemade)
- Nuts (almonds & walnuts are our favourite)
- Granola/Fig type bars (I'm in search of a good recipe so we can make our own!)
- Fruit leather 

I'm probably forgetting a few things that we like to have on hand, but overall these things are what we tend to go with. Maybe it's just me but, I find it so much easier to plan and have specific go-to's. Especially with a toddler. I think it'll also be helpful to have a great rotating list and plan out our snacks (along with our meals) for when this second baby comes along. 

What are the favourite go-to (relatively healthy) snacks that you & your family like to munch on? I'd love to add to our list.

17 May 2017

Deck Gardening

I have always loved the idea of having a garden. I remember my grandparents having a garden when I was growing up. We'd always love it when they gave us some of the yummy crop. I think the green & yellow beans were my favourite!

I've been researching as best I can (I know I've got to do more) about starting a garden. This is a year we could actually have our own. Plus, since E is older I have a bit more time to research and perhaps maintain one. We also have a yard, which is kind of essential. Albeit, the backyard is a bit of a slope. There is some flat area, and I've heard you can have a garden on a slope as well, so we have a bit of an option.

10 May 2017

Life Lately

As you may have noticed, things have been rather quiet around the blog the last little while. It's been a busy few months for us, so I thought I'd share a little update on life lately.

First things first, if you've still been hanging with me after all this time, you may have clued in from Instagram, and this last post, that we have finally MOVED. If you don't know what I'm referring to you can catch up here & here. And even more exciting about our move, we bought a house. Our first house! We arrived to our new home (and new province) at the end of April and we are slowly getting unpacked and settling in. So, the last little while, we have been prepping for a move & packing & doing all that other fun stuff that you have to do when you move. And then of course, the unpacking and setting up. If you've ever moved, you know how exhausting the process can be. Things are coming along though; and you better believe I'll be sharing the house with you all soon!

Here's E the first weekend breaking in our walk way with her sidewalk chalk. She's been running around the house like she's always owned the place, so it's safe to say she's loving the new house. And thankfully she's adjusted extremely well with the move (sometimes you just never know with kids). So for that I am thankful!

PS - I can't wait to paint the front door...that green has got to go!

21 April 2017

Moving Tips & Tricks

In the almost 10 years we've been married we've moved (this includes the move to our first apartment) 6 times; and we're about to up that number to 7. SEVEN. Some of the moves have been to different apartments/houses in the same city, and then others involved moving to a different province & even to a different country (and then two years later, back again). So, big & little moves. We've done them both.

The process of moving is exhausting. In many ways, it overwhelms me, and exhausts me, just thinking of having to pack up my house and knowing the chaos that will ensue. And then, there's the unpacking. At least that's a little more exciting than packing.

Since it's go-time, and this is our life right now, I thought I'd share my top moving tips & tricks. Take 'em or leave 'em, but these are things that help us out and things that we've learned along the way after (almost) seven moves.

Top Moving Tips & Tricks