24 February 2014

Organized: The Coat Closet

I can finally check our coat closet off the list. It's much more functional now. Read: no longer a black hole that swallows things. I hate to admit it, but it was in a very disheveled state. We literally were just jamming things in to get them out of sight. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Yes. That is, until you opened the door. Luckily, all I needed were some baskets to get things in order.

I'll show you the before so you can see that the end result really is much better.

Thankfully you can't see the floor in this photo. Just picture, piled up shoes, 2 camping chairs {yes}, and a few other odds & ends. We clearly have a plethora of winter wear {hello, we live in Canada and this year the snow & cold seems to be never ending}, a bunch of sports team caps {all belong to husband}, and other winter essentials: sunscreen & bug spray.

You can see I already had two baskets trying to serve a purpose, semi-working & semi-failing. I added 2 more baskets to the mix, moved the bug spray & sunscreen, and added a large basket & small mat to the floor. Everything I had on hand so no purchase necessary {let's use what we have, people}.

Here's the current condition:

We each have our own basket for winter wear on the first shelf. The second shelf holds sports caps, sunscreen & bug spray, and any other coat closet accessories that float our way.
The basket on the floor holds shoes, because a pile of shoes looks better in a basket than on the floor.

And that's that. An easy organize, and our coat closet is much more functional. It's better on the eyes too. Now when we have guests I won't be completely embarrassed to hang up their coat.

What organizing projects have you tackled lately?


Head over here to see what little detail I added to our closet!

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